Mobile App Spending Profiles

A mobile game developer was interested in better understanding the time and amount of spending on their platform. Standard mobile app analytics dashboards weren't able to adequately characterize the macro and micro trends leaving doubt as to if there were time patterns in spending. Omni Analytics Group deployed this dashboard to provide insights at both levels of focus.

Plot Options

Spending Profiles

To view the individual spending profiles, use the drop down to select a customer. On the right panel a plot of their cumulative spending will display their purchase history across time as a red line along with the average spending in black.

Video Tutorial


General statistics on the spending allow us to gain a high-level macro view of customer purchase patterns. Here we can characterize spending by time and frequency through visualizations that assist in elucidating their patterns. Users can quickly answer questions such as 'What day is spending the highest?' and 'How much do customers spend on average?'